Hollow Knight – starke Verkaufszahlen, starkes Update

Hollow Knight kam vor wenigen Wochen auf die Nintendo Switch und den PC. Das Dark Souls ähnliche Spiel, das seine niedliche Fassade schnell durch wildes Controller-Schleudern überschattet, wurde in gerade einmal 2 Wochen gute 250.000 Mal gekauft.

Für ein kleines Entwicklerstudio wie Team Cherry ist dies ein immenser Erfolg.

Um diesem Erfolg auch gerecht zu werden, hat Team Cherry nun das v1345 Update herausgebracht, das Folgendes ändern bzw. verbessern wird:

• Fixed an issue where save files would sometimes fail to load while Kingsoul is equipped
• Fixed an issue where striking certain invulnerable objects with a Nail Art could cause game to crash
• Fixed being able to soft lock the game (empty dialogue box) by hard quitting out after the final Nailsmith nail upgrade
• Fixed an issue that caused a mask shard to never spawn if a player dies in the same moment as killing Brooding Mawlek (this is a retroactive fix – players who missed the shard can now return to claim it)
• Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash if the player looks up or down while riding a big lift
• Fixed Shade spawn location in the upper section of Watcher’s Spire
• Fixed an issue where game could soft-lock when opening inventory after obtaining certain items, eg. Pale Ore, King’s Idol
• Fixed an issue with map pins not correctly disappearing once collecting all Essence from a Whispering Root
• Fixed an issue where player could get soft-locked by using Desolate Dive/Descending Dark to slam down onto a mysterious object in Beast’s Den
• Fixed an issue where player could get more Geo than intended from killing certain enemies with fluke spell (sorry!)
• Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in Lemm’s room by dreamgating in while Lemm is away
• Fixed a text display issues in the in-game map for certain languages
• Adjusted a Shade spawn location that was inaccessible to early players
• Fixed a bug where a Dreamshield could disappear after using Dreamnail on NPCs or objects
• Fixed monarch wings cutscene issue
• Fixed an issue where Zote still appeared in City of Tears while he is trapped in Deepnest
• Fixed splash reactions for Quirrel and Spa Buddies

Quelle: Team Cherry


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